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Welcome to the Aegis Eidolon kinship site for Lord of the Rings Online!  Aegis Eidolon is a raiding kinship specializing in end game content on the Windfola server.  

We are actively recruiting new members!  

What we can offer you: 
  • A friendly, mature and helpful player base 
  • Dedicated Ventrilo Server 
  • PvP friendly players - both freep and creep side
  • Skirmishes and instance-based content 
  • 6, 12 and 24 man weekly raids spread over 2 raid groups making it easy to find a kin-group
What we expect from you: 
  •  Mature and drama-free
  •  Must be 18+ 
  •  Have a headset or microphone and not be scared to use it (Ventrilo) 
  •  Willingness to help other kin mates 
  •  The desire to either raid, pvp or group with kin mates

We're a casual group but take raiding seriously.  We put a lot of effort into learning end game content so we can get great loot and have fun doing it.  If you'd like to join, please fill out an application by registering for the site. 

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3.1k from rank 10 and servers go down *cry*
HEY!!! Who is still playing?? and how the hell are ya'll
Jodee, We miss you too. And you were always 'bad'
OMG!! I miss you guys so much! Can't get this internet server to work. Just wanted you to know I WILL be bad if I can find a way.. Love y'all
Hopefully youll be back soon Lynn!
they told me to delete the panda loading wizaed and it would be fine but still doing same thing :( Not going to be happy at all if I can't play lotro.. gotta figutr this out
Giving a shoutout from Times Square in New York!!!!! WASSSUUUUP!
Jodee, I've noticed that Wildmore requires more bandwidth when loading than other regions. I've attributed it to player load, but given your situation maybe there is something else going on.
Sorry not been on for awhile, still trying to get turbine to admit and fix the problem. Since Wildmore playing lotro is using up about 1GB daily. Satelite only allows me 10GB per mo :(
So-and-so has logged on!